Women and Koji Making – An International Affair

Jessica Alonzo’s Shio-koji cured radishes. For Petra and The Beast.

Please Register for this event here: https://Cultures.Group There is also an updated version of this post here!

Mika Repenning of Go-en Fermented Foods
Sourdough Bread by Terri Ann Fox
Kirsten K Shockey of Ferment.Works wielding her koji to make vinegar
Koji Vinegar
Cucumber Kasuzuke from Petra and The Beast
Misti Norris and Jessica Alonzo of Petra and The Beast

Ma!Condimentos Salad

Sake Kasu or Lees

Koji Pickles by Jessica Alonzo or Petra and The Beast
Shio-Koji Turnips from Petra and The Beast
Kanji for Koji Making
Koji Cured Meats and Koji Charcuterie from Petra and the Beast
Summer Drinks with shio-koji and amakoji from LantauMama

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