Wild Shoyu, Future Sauces

Future koji. Soyless, all grain protein multiple Aspergillus spore fruity chestnut popcorn caramel smelling koji for a soy sauce. Prepping for @cultures.group upcoming event on January 26th at 7AM EST.

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Presentations on January 26 (7AM EST) 

Soirée-Leone – Wild Shoyu Made with Wild corn koji spores
Deepa Reddy – Fermented Bajra (Pearl Millet) Kambu koozh
Kartik Sinha – Winter Pickles and the Salt Satyagraha
Christine Krauss – Yubeshi (Redux)
Wade Fox – Maillard, Miso and Mushrooms 
Erica Carson – Koji based Fruit, Nut and Seed Lebkuchen|Ishan Sengupta – Kasundi, West Bengali Mustard Condiment
Sean Doherty- Salt Risen Bread with Maine Grains
¿Adonde? Lab – Chestnut Miso, Shio Koji Salt Percentages
Corey Bullock – Barley koji made for Red Bean Meju, Wood Fired Eggplant Amino Sauce with oat shoyu koji
Dawn Woodward – Rhubarb Rye Galette, Rye Sourdough Bread, Two Variations, Estonian Style Rye Sourdough with Oats, Beets and Beet Kvass
Ellie Markovitch – Sourdough Tortillas, Sourdough Primer: How to feed your mother, How to make pita bread, English muffins and a basic country loaf, Alua (Corn Kvass), and Brazilian Fermented Rice Cakes
Kenji Muramoto – Oatzuke, Umeshu, Rhubarb Umeboshi paste
Priya Mani – Vethal, Yogurt Fermented and Dehydrated Vegetables
Ken Fornataro – Mustard SourDosa Pickles

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Author: culturesgroup

Ken Fornataro has acquired extensive knowledge of the science and techniques that have been all but forgotten with the increasing industrialization of food. Still in his teens, he was named Executive Chef at the Hermitage restaurant in Boston.   From there he worked at prestigious and often private establishments around the world where he practiced his craft. He ran the kitchen and catering services for Troutbeck in upstate New York, using locally grown and sustainably sourced ingredients in the 1980s. At Bloomingdales flagship store in Manhattan he ran the Fresh Foods department kitchens that included a line of his own prepared, preserved and fermented foods, as well as daily preparations directed by Michel Guérard, Petrossian, and Marcella Hazen. He has worked with Julia Child, Madeleine Kamman, Aveline and Michio Kushi, Paula Wolfert, Leah Chase, Anthony Bourdain and many chefs from around the world that taught him traditional Japanese, French, Jewish, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Nordic, Russian, Indian, and whole food cooking, preservation and fermentation techniques.

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