Virginia Sake Brewing with North American Sake Brewery: From Start to Finish

Virginia Sake Brewing with North American Sake Brewery

Mar 21, 2022 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 883 5253 9060

Passcode: 982792

March 25 – To register use and donate what you can. 5:30 PM EST Chef Dave Smoke-McCluskey and Wade Fox present a Native American cultural tradition and a gateway to the past. Yaupon Holly has been kojified and maillarded to unlock new flavors.

March 27 – To register use and donate what you can. 7 PM EST Sowans to Shio Koji (塩麹) – Traditional Japanese Ferments Using Oats with Chef Lennon Day

March 28 – To register use and donate what you can. 4PM EST Haruna Deasy of Micros shows you how she makes koji by introducing her tools and her muro and what she does with her koji

March 30 – To register use and donate what you can. 1PM EST Maroua Jellibi, a student of Shiori Kajiwara, presents Saikyo Miso,a sweet, fast, lower sodium more rice koji less soybeanmiso of the white miso type.

March 30 –   2PM Edible wild plants and mushrooms in koji applications with Christine Krauss of Chirp Food


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