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We teach people how to make stuff, where to find the good stuff at the best price, and sometimes how to trade and barter.

culturesgroup is about fermentation, traditional and novel ways to prepare and preserve food, science, cultural history, and disseminating information about food and health resources.

We focus on traditional and novel techniques in cooking, fermenting, brewing and preserving using Aspergillus (koji), bacteria, yeasts, and other microbes like the tasty and safe stuff that make pickles, bread, miso, and beer.

We stress sustainably resourced foods, food safety, digestibility, and maximizing the nutritional profiles of foods.

Why does my miso smell like nail polish?

Did you spill nail polish in your miso? Perhaps before applying the latest shade of noir you should have let it dry? Or, there wasn’t enough salt in your miso, Or it got too hot. Maybe you created lactic acid way too fast and it was invaded by or overcome by yeasts or bacteria that smell nasty.

Can an alcohol smelling miso be saved?

Well. Possibly. You could first try airing it out. Stir it up – assuming you didn’t make greater than two gallons that shouldn’t be too difficult – then either wipe down the top of the miso after removing anything that looks slimy, as well as the sides of the container with salt. Salt the top again in about an hour of smell release and put it in a colder area.

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