Natural Fermentation: Cheese

Saturday, May 28, 7 AM Eastern (Details Below)
Trevor Warmedahl

Cheese lovers at any level. Fermenters. Come watch Trevor share his decades of experience. Ask questions, simple or hard. Cross cultural observations on natural or no starter culture cheeses.  The notion of slow fermentation, which like sourdough can lead to more complex flavor and is the antithesis of the industrial approach (fast=safe).  The diversity of pastoralism. Transhumance. Taking cheesemaking to its source, teat and udder health, how fresh healthy milk from healthy animals is the starting point for great cheese.  

  • Whey based thermophilic starter culture at Cascina Lago Scuro – Mozzarela
  • Wooden vats as microbe reservoirs – Ragusano
  • No added starter culture but udder microbes – Langhe Tuma
  • Specific temperature starter cultures from selected animals – St. James

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Cheese (Ragusano)

Saturday, May 28, 2022 07:00 AM Eastern Time
Meeting ID: 845 1634 2706
Passcode: 555505


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