Koji and India Covid Relief

Making Koji (麹作り)

A 3 part fundraiser with hundreds of presenters and videos. Donate or register here and donations go to the organizations below. https://conta.cc/3bplEtj

First Event: This Sunday May 23 at 2AM Eastern Time in the morning to 4 AM Eastern in the morning we are starting the first of 3 benefits that feature many amazing food, fermentation, and brewing videos from around the world. Your registration fees are the donations you are making to  www.covidmealsforindia.com, Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF.org), and www.Goonj.org. The Zoom event is free, but you must be registered to get the access code for the event, and for the videos.

Pratap Chahal @thathungrychedf

May 23, 2021 02:00 to 4:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 865 5255 1413

Register at https://conta.cc/3bplEtj for links to hundreds of videos, or send us an email at kojiandpickles@gmail.com Let us know if you can’t afford the suggested donations. kojiandpickles@gmail.com Problems? Questions? You know the drill. Kojiandpickles@gmail.com, please.

If you have made a video for any of our events so far this year, or have already purchased a Seasons Pass, or can not afford anything please contact us at kojiandpickles@gmail.com. Or make a donation at the registration site if you like and can!  https://paypal.me/FermentsandCultures (any amount would be helpful!)

With Many Associated Videos at our Vimeo site with Zoom events on the following dates with pre-recorded as well as live presentations and discussions.

* May 23 – 2 to 4 AM EST
* June 27th – 4 to 6 AM EST
* July 18th – 3 to 5 PM EST


  • Chef Abi Milano
  • Chef Alan Callaham
  • Alex Bauer
  • Alex Gunuey
  • Alexis Nicole Nelson
  • Amy Kalafa
  • Anita Tikoo
  • Anja De Klerk
  • Chef Anjali Ganapathy
  • Anne-Marie Bonneau
  • Chef Anshie Dhar
  • Åsa Linéa Simonsson
  • Bhavna
  • Chris de Bono
  • Christine Krauss
  • Connie Chew
  • Chef Corey Bullock
  • Chef Cortney Burns
  • Courtney Tyler
  • Danny Berke
  • Dr. Esther Miller
  • Dr. Maria Jimena Ricatti
  • Dr. Tejas Sameer
  • Ebonee McCorvey
  • Edd Colbert
  • Edgar Delteil
  • Chef Eiko Takahashi
  • Ekta Maheshwari
  • Ellie Markovitch
  • Erica Carson
  • Eve Jazmati
  • Hannah Crum
  • Hannah Kirshner
  • Chef Heidi Nestler
  • Chef Holisoa Rajerison
  • James Matt Vergara
  • Jeff Rubidge
  • Chef Jeremy Umansky
  • Jo Webster
  • Jori Jayne Emde
  • Josh Hembree
  • Chef Kartik Sinha
  • Chef Ken Fornataro
  • Chef Kim Roxas
  • Kirsten Shockey
  • Koichi Higuchi
  • Kurush Dalal
  • Laura Chávez Silverman
  • Laurent Serin
  • Leda Meredith
  • Chef Llewyn Màire
  • Mallory O’Donnell
  • Mandy Ardesty
  • Marcus Im
  • Marika Groen
  • Chef Marina Balakrishnan
  • Chef Martijke de Grip
  • Nancy Kinzanjui
  • Nick Repenning
  • Chef Pao Liu
  • Payal Shah
  • Peiman Khosravi
  • Chef Pratap Chahal
  • Rina Veltkamp
  • Sacha Wilson
  • Saee Koranne – Khandekar
  • Sam Peone
  • Sandor Katz
  • Sangeeta Khanna
  • Chef Saransh Goila
  • Chef Sean Doherty
  • Soiree-Leone
  • Dr. Tejas Sameer
  • Todd Vincent
  • Trevor Ring
  • Vasunthara வசுந்தரா
  • Veena Fermavore
  • Chef Will Moffat
  • William Rubel
  • Zizinia de Los Flors
  • Zoe Christiansen
  • Zoe Mitchell
  • Zuza Zak

About Doctors without Borders in India:

MSF is also concerned about vulnerable groups, including people with medical conditions that put them at greater risk, such as diabetes, HIV, and tuberculosis. Many of these people already struggle to access timely and high-quality medical care, including oxygen therapy.

Our other events have been rescheduled. #Writerscultures is now planned for every Sunday from August 1 to September 12th with an astonishing roster of writers of books, blogs, magazines and textbooks. Miso Day on September 18. Then our two final events Nov. 1 to 7th, then The Next Generation Festival Dec. 7 to 14th.