Forged Family Ferments for Comrades of a Pagan Persuasion 

Using a handful of Autumnal & Early Winter Ingredients, Savage Craic brings you funky fermented flavours to enhance your bespoke traditions & create your own holiday feast rituals. This includes Celeriac & Beetroot with Cacao & Chili , and a fennel and juniper Brussel Sprout Tops ferment.

Llewyn Máire (they/ she) is a queer microbial steward, chef, maker and intersectional witch — currently fermenting food and sound in the Republic of Ireland. 

They curate food and art with their life partner, Lisa Newman, as 2 Gyrlz, make sound as Sardonik Grin, and bring fermentation to their community as Savage Craic. 

Serve Symbiotic Realness & Cultivate Environments conducive to Change 

Salt and Ceremony is the name of the group of 6 sessions that place during the month of December. There are live parts that get recorded, and lots of videos associated with each session. If you purchase an annual membership you not only get to attend or access all of the December events, but an entire year of hundreds of new videos, events, and videos repurposed based on our member’s feedback. For only $75 USD.

Annual Membership from 12/01/2022 – 12/31/2023 plus all events and videos

Annual Membership includes access to any event in 2022 and 2023, including all the Salt and Ceremony sessions and associated videos, and the video archives from now until the end of 2023


If you are interested in participating live in any event from now un til 12/31/2023 and watching curated videos the entire year of 2023 that will teach you how to cook, ferment, bake, preserve, and brew use the form below two register now.

This deal is only good until 12/31/2023 Eastern Time. After that, if we have available spaces, the fee will be $150 dollars for the same amazing content.


The Miracle of Salt

Foraged Family Ferments for Comrades of a Pagan Persuasion
To Register for Salt and Ceremony

Salt and Ceremony Events: $50 for all 4 sessions. Each event costs $30 USD per session. All 4 sessions with associated videos are watchable until the end of the year and costs only $50 – not $120.

Buying a new Annual Membership also means you will be able to access, at no additional cost, any event in 2023, as well as access to any new videos as they are available.

Of course, any video creator for Salt and Ceremony will have access to the entire library until December 31, 2023, and can update their videos at any time.


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