Koji/Asian/Ferments/India/June 27

Registration link: https://conta.cc/3bplEtj

New Event Added! April 25,11 to 1 PM and May 2, 1 to 3 PM EDT

Because of the number of submissions to the Asian Techniques: Rice, beans, squash, nuts, roots and seeds, and the number of people around the world having transmission difficulties with videos we added a second part to the event, May 2, 1 to 3 PM EDT for the other side of the world. $15 fee for live event and video watching until June 30th. $45 fort all 5 events and many, many videos. Also, Season Passes are available. Registration link: https://conta.cc/3bplEtj

Six Incredible Breads circa 1550

Thu, April 22, 2021. 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME (EDT). Register at Eventbrite now. It’s free, donations always accepted. 

More than a dozen bread recipes from an unpublished English bread manuscript circa 1550 will be presented by William Rubel, joined  by two members of our group including Jeff Pavlic, a baker, bakery owner, and culinary historian. Also, Malcom Thick, a world renowned expert on Early Modern English agriculture, and a world expert on the manuscript. 

Six breads from the oldest known English bread recipes will be shared, so register now for the culturesgroup sponsored event. Years ago, William Rubel published the recipe for one of these breads on his website. Besides that one recipe, all of what will be presented is unpublished. An advanced look at an extraordinary group of bread recipes is being presented at this event.

And, an actual English sourdough recipe! There are virtually no published English, as in British, sourdough recipes publish prior to the later 20th century. The recipe being shared is historically important, and very exciting.

Malcom Thick will introduce the manuscript. William Rubel will follow with some general comments on Early Modern English bread, offering insights gleaned from this extraordinary manuscript. Jeff Pavlik will introduce the six recipes. At least 30 minutes of hands on baking.

Also, if you have any information on village ovens or small scale baking operations in Algeria or Morocco please drop me a line at kojiandpickles@gmail.com with Bread in the subject line.

Asian Techniques – April 25,11 to 1 PM EDT

Malica Groen of Malica Ferments

This final event of the first program segments is Asian Techniques with rice, beans, squash, nuts, roots and seeds. $15 fee for live event and video watching until June 30th. Season Passes are available. Registration link: https://conta.cc/3bplEtj

Prawn Pad Thai by Chef Eiko Takahashi

Presenters include (list in formation)

Chef Eiko Takahashi, Chef Jeremy Umansky, Chef Cortney Burns, Chef Joel Orsini, Chef Sean Doherty, Chef Corey Bullock, Hannah Kirshner, Chris de Bono, James Matt Vergara, Zizinia de Les Flors, Mandy Ardesty, Chef Alan Callaham, Alexis Nikole Nelson, Sandor Katz, Chef Ken Fornataro, Anne-Marie Bonneau, Anita Tikoo, Åsa Linéa Simonsson, Christine Krauss, Edd Colbert, Nancy Kinzanjui, Chef Pao Yu Liu, Alex Bauer, Anja De Klerk, Ebonee McCorvey, William Rubel, Jeff Rubidge, Cultured and Cured Amy Kalafa and Alex Gunuey, Sacha Wilson, Connie Chew, Erica Carson, Dr. Esther Miller, Eve Jazmati, Hannah Crum, Jo Webster, Chef Jori Jayne Emde, Chef Heidi Nestler, Chef Laurent Serin, Leda Meredith, Chef Llewyn Màire, Mallory O’Donnell, Danny Berke, Edgar Delteil, Chef Ellie Markovitch, Dr. Maria Jimena Ricatti,  Marika Groen, Nick Repenning, Payal Shah, Dr. Peiman Khosravi, Chef Pratap Chahal, Dr. Tejas Sameer, Veena Fermavore, Chef Will Moffat, Zoe Mitchell, Zuza Zak, and others.

Roots, Squash, Rice, Seeds, Nuts, and Corn – Asian Techniques

James Vergara and Heidi Nestler of Wanpaku Natto

April 25, 2021 – Asian Techniques 10 AM to 1 PM ET – Corn, Squash, Rice, Seeds, Nuts, and Roots: Shio-koji, Tempe, Misos, Amino Pastes, Drinks, Sauces, Jangs, Bokashi, and sweets.

The live event is on Sunday April 25th from 10 to 1 PM ET. It’s a Zoom call. It’s the fourth event of the program, and last of the first segment. $45 for all 4 events including Zoom meeting and 150+ associated videos. See the menu for other options at this Registration Link

Wanpaku Natto

Our first 4 events of Ferments and Cultures2021 present techniques – in over 150 videos – such as foraged vegetables ferments, making shio-koji, using koji as an agent to create foods from otherwise wasted food sources, corn fermentations and its use in drinks, baked goods, misos and pickles and tonics.

What else? Vegetable ferments. Restorative Tonics. Mead. Dashi. Shoyu. Medicinal brews. Fermented Flowers. Shrubs. Water kefir. Milk Kefir. Sourdough. Nettles, Vinegar. Filamentous Fungus. Amino Pastes. Jiangs. Fermented Teas. Corn Koji. Buckwheat rejuvelac. Asian Techniques to make things such as Tempe, Misos, Amino Pastes, Drinks, Sauces, Sake, Rice wine, Seaweed Salads and other things from Corn, Squash, Rice, Seeds, Nuts, and Roots. African spice blends and cultures. Bread History. Corn.

Chef Ken Fornataro of cultuhttps://www.instagram.com/culturesgroup/resgroup serves up corn shoyu cured egg yolks with goto natto (natto with koji) on seeded flatbread

All the videos are always at Vimeo.com/culturesgroup Some may be in a specific showcase, either visible or hidden to anyone without the passcode to get in. Our videos are always password protected. You must have both the showcase address, and the passcode for a specific event. We do not live broadcast on social media sites.