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Ken Fornataro

Ken Fornataro is an experienced chef, researcher, educator, baker, and activist. Still in his teens in the 70s, he was named Executive Chef at The Hermitage restaurant in Boston, specializing in Imperial Russian and regional cuisines of the then USSR.

From there, he worked at prestigious and often private establishments around the world with Julia Child, Michel Guérard, Anthony Bourdain, and many other influential chefs who shared their knowledge of traditional Japanese, French, Jewish, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Indian, whole food cooking, preservation and fermentation techniques.

Ken also ran both the kitchen and catering services for Troutbeck in upstate New York, using locally grown and sustainably sourced ingredients in the 1980s.

At Bloomingdale’s flagship store in Manhattan, he ran the Fresh Foods department kitchens that included a line of his own prepared, preserved and fermented foods.

Since 2010 he has led Cultures.Group as the CEO/Executive Chef in a pro bono capacity. Cultures.Group uses fire, sun, water, cold and microbes such as Rhizopus and Aspergillus, as well as yeasts and bacteria in traditional and novel ways to create pickles, miso, amino pastes, tamari, shoyu, cheese, fish sauce, amazake, rice wine, milk kefir, kimchis, garums, bread, vinegar, and mirin.

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Author: Cultures.Group

Cultures.Group shares information, educational resources, and unique experiences through online meetings and special events, and an extensive video library on fermentation, preservation, brewing, cooking, baking and how to use koji and other filamentous fungus to make tasty things. We are a collective of artists, scientists, educators, chefs, fermenters, bakers, students and advocates. One annual fee to access all the videos whenever you like, as well as any event we have during the year. Our library of digital materials serves as the foundation to create new videos and events, driven by what our members want to learn about. Our archives and events are not posted online, nor are they searchable using any search engine. You are invited to join our collective as a student, teacher, artisan, merchant, author, activist, scientist, philosopher - or someone that doesn’t consider themself especially noteworthy or knowledgeable. Want to know how fermentation, preservation, baking and cooking knowledge can help you feed your family and community during fat and lean times? Annual Membership and access to everything http://Paypal.me/FermentsandCultures https://www.instagram.com/cultures.group/ Website: https://Cultures.Group

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