Zymes2020 – Video/Next Event/Last Event Schedule

Upcoming May 23rd 2:00 to 11:30 PM EST. Details Friday, May 8th. No Fee. Pre-Registration Required. You must be validated with Zoom. Again, details this upcoming Friday. New York Time. Recording from previous event below. More coming! Thanks!

Koji Mushroom Making Video: https://youtu.be/Y7cUB4yBltU

May 3 Schedule and Presenters

All times are EST (New York) Click on the name of the presenter to go to the Zoom Link. You need to sign up with Zoom, a very easy thing to do. Because there are space limits, you have to register once for Zoom, then for each Session you want to attend.

Session 1- Flavor of Hands Fermentation and Koji 101 

Session 2 – Cultured & Cured

Session 3 – Hops, Trees and Really Wild Ferments

Session 4 – Fermenting with Flowers, Fungus and Bacteria

Black Soybean Taucho (B.subtilis) Pesto

Check out our new videos:

Contact us through the following means, or join our MeetUp or Facebook group. All these meetings are listed at out MeetUp page.


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