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For the first event of Ferments and Cultures on August 6 we are airing proprietary films, and a tutorial as well. Whether or not you can attend the live part of that event, people are not going to be able to access any of that after that event ends. This is being filmed, and will not be made available to the public until the end of the year. You can buy a Season Pass for all of the scheduled events.

Sesame shio-koji flatbread

Events in this program of 15 planned events will cover fermentation, preservation, increasing food resources, science, traditional/novel applications of microbes, soil development, farming, fungus and bacteria as environmental tools, waste management, and international cultures. Or just how someone feels about eating.

Each event has a specific focus often a geographic region that includes cultures, foods, drinks and techniques from Armenia, Georgia, Iran, China, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Chile, Israel, Finland, Denmark, China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, France, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Palestine, and other African and South American countries countries and immigrant diaspora throughout the world including in the USA. 

Fermentations and Cultures Event Hosts are Payal Shah, Nickawanna Shaw, Marika Groen, Anton Nicola, Permian Khosravi, Ebonee McClurvey, Kirsten Shockey, Connie Chew, Dr. Johnny Drain, Maria Mantilla, Ken Fornataro, Alex Gunuey, Zoe Mitchell, Dave Smoke-McCluskey, Amy Kalafa, and Ed Ferrada. They facilitate what the program hosts,. and what they are into for the following events. There are many presenters in each category that will be announced ned as the event draws nearer.

Pickles from Petra and The Beast

Scheduled Events

Unless otherwise noted the 3 hour live part of each event takes place from 2:30 PM EST to 5:30 PM EST. That can change, and should be irrelevant in someone’s decision to participate in an event.

August 24 Koji Making and Pickles – Event Host Maria Mantilla(Presenters list in formation)

September 13 Fruits, Ferments, Probiotics – Event Host Amy Kalafa(Presenters list in formation)

September 22 French Ferments and Cultures – Event Host Alex Gunuey(Presenters list in formation)

September 28 The Silk Road to Palestine and Israel , including Armenia, Georgia, Iran,  Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India (Halal and Kosher) – Event Host Peiman Khosravi(Presenters list in formation)

October 4 Africa, Alkaline Ferments, Black Soil – Event Host Ebonee McCorvey, Event Host Dr. Johnny Drain(Presenters list in formation)

October 12 Native American and Immigrant Roots (Asia, Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, etc.) – Event Host Dave Smoke McCluskey(Presenters list in formation)

October 25 Vegan Food and Drinks – Event Host Ed Ferrada, Event Host Kirsten Shockey (Presenters list in formation)

November 8 Indian Ferments, Preserves and Cultures Event Host Payal Shah (Presenters list in formation)

November 15 The Caucuses, The Balkans and Russia – Event Host Ken Fornataro (Presenters list in formation)

November 22 Sauces and Pastes (Koji or Enzymes) – Event Host Zoe Mitchell and Event Host Dr.Johnny Drain (Presenters list in formation)

December 4 Japanese Ferments and Cultures – Event Host Marika Groen(Presenters list in formation)

December 14 Baking with Koji, Malts and Syrups – Event Host Anton Nicola (Presenters list in formation)

December 22 Scandinavian Cultures – Event Host Nickawana Shaw(Presenters list in formation)

December 28 China and South East Asia – Event Host Connie Chew(Presenters list in formation)

Season Pass: Ferments and Cultures

All events have a full 7 day viewing period, including an edited recording of the live part of that event available a few days later if the quality meets our standards.. So there is no reason anyone that doesn’t work seven days in a row could not fully participate.

In other words, no one, including presenters or program hosts or event host has to be there during a specified time. That’s why you might want to consider a Season Pass.

A Season Pass is for the program and it’s 14 plus events. Plu. We can’t tell you yet what special adjunct things we have planed that are being worked on. Seasons Pass :

Season Pass Prices

There are 14 events that we will charge $35 per event to access the videos for seven days, and attend the live part or see an edited version. You can pretty much buy a $35 pass at anytime up to two days before the event actually ends. It would require many hours of video watching if you waited that long.

Depending on when you purchase a Season Pass, here are the prices:

* First tier Tickets: USD $157 until August 11 until at 11PM EST
* Second Tier Tickets USD $197 until August 21at 11 PM EST
* Third Tier Tickets USD $247 until 13 September 11PM EST

We will not keep track of what events you attend but will know if you show up. If you miss a specific event no recordings nor makeups after the 7 day period will be available. We will not refund a partial amount of the fee for any reason. You get no credit for a missed event, so should something become available in the future (see below), it would cost you.

If a Season Pass is of interest – we’ll throw in the August 6 event as well but that means you have roughly 48 hours to respond for that lagniappe – act now. If you are reading this after that date, you missed it. But a program or event host might make parts available to potential presenters.


The special sessions we have planned will also serve as an education resource, and a guide to like minded individuals throughout the world. Obviously that will required data entry and communications time.

It seems that breakout groups with very specific interests always form when we have an event. This time, we have a protocol on how to make sure these last and become ongoing members of culturesgroup.

After the entire events are over we hope to create a book and a documentary for sale that benefits all the presenters and volunteer staff for the entire event. And, hopefully, those that participate will benefit from a higher profile, and possible sales.

So if you have not requested an invitation to present at one of our events, or answered an invitation, it would be helpful if you did so as lead time for these events is long.

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