Saucier August

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Mushrooms, Chocolate, and Hyphae (CC) 16:54
Shoyu and Shoyu Lees(CC) 21:18
How to Make Tamari (CC) 17:12
Koji Uses (CC) 16:43
Black Garlic Misozuke and Vegetable Salad (CC) 3:43
Shoyu Koji and Misozuke Salad (CC) 3:57
Eggplant Misozuke, Bagna Cauda Chicken, Fried Onions, and Romaine Dill and Garlic Pickles (CC) 9:24
Fear of Frying (CC) 3:55
Focaccia sourdough (CC) 7:38
Tomato Shoyu Koji with Malt (CC) 9:58
Amasake (CC) 1:50
Time, Terroir, Taiwan (CC) 13:20
Taiwan Heritage Products (CC) 22:28
Four Soy Sauces: Tamari, Shoyu, Shoyu Koji, and Hishio (CC) 20:43
Fermented Ketchup (CC) 9:58
Japanese versus Korean Tamari (CC) 5:12
Modern Miso and Shoyu Making (CC) 9:16
Urad Dal and Millet Koji (CC) 6:53
Traditional Japanese Rice Koji Making (CC) 15:10
Using the 5 Types of Shoyu (CC) 7:03
Making Miso (CC) 12:58
Chili Crisp (CC) 14:55
Jalapeno Kasuzuke (CC) 13:37
Fermentierte Tomaten Marmelade (CC) 4:56
Chicken Karaage Shio Koji (CC) 1:33
Asparagus or Celery with Shoyu Koji (CC) 4:53
Vegan Kimchi (CC) 3:07
Spiced Shrub (CC) 6:37
Shoyu Koji (CC) 1:42
Shio Koji Salmon (CC) 1:42

Green Tomato (Tomatillo) and Cilantro sauce with chili pepper and fried shallots in oil. Perfect with anything.

It’s hot everywhere. So we’re offering recipes using soy sauce or other tasty sauces that don’t have soy or wheat, etc., and don’t require you’re in the kitchen for any longer than you have to be.

It’s not just about sauces for things. It’s also about the dishes and things you can use them with, depending on what’s in season and what you can access.

Or just how to make some really refreshing and tasty vegetable or vegetarian dishes, to be your main meal, or to accompany whatever else you are making.

We want to make sure you are using an oven as little as possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t make breads, cookies, cakes or anything that a stovetop pan or a slow cooker can’t make. Or frozen desserts. Or chilled soups. Or Salads.

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