Rye and Potato Sourdough

Sweet potato inoculated with A.awamori with rye koji porridge sourdough bread. I’ve been working on the unsalted rye and coriander koji part to make a whole rye miso type add in instead of salt. That part ages beautifully. I had some sweet potatoes I inoculated with A. awamori so I cooked them into a type of porridge with lots of rye berries I had prepared for a rye shoyu but had leftovers. This just keeps getting tastier. Does the protein content and fall rate of rye actually matter? I will try to replicate but these have already made amazing pain perdu with buttered sweet potato nectar, and a  sweet potato and caramelized onion bread pudding. 

December 19, 2021, 11 AM to 1 PM EDT Fruit From the Sands

(book by Dr. Robert Spengler III): The Silk Road Origins of the Foods. Videos and a live discussion about the most fascinating archeobotanical history of the dissemination of food and culture and civilization from Central Asia to the rest of the world through The Silk Road and it’s predecessor. DM us here: http://www.instagram.com/cultures.group/

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