Rise,Wize,Rye Bread and Cookies

Comparison of flours in cookie: Whole Rye, Buckwheat or Wheat. Guess what?

Laura Valli, a PhD candidate @wsu_bread_lab and a habitual presenter for Cultures.Group on rye and fermentation described several experiments during a recent session of April Flours – recorded thanks to the super janine Johnson. It was an absolute masterclass in rye baking and microbial interactions.

Laura Valli uses a rye starter that is very different than any starter we’ve seen.

Having @evelyns.crackers Dawn Woodward and Ed just made it all the more excellent. We have that as well on video in the April Flours benefit showcase. Most people have no idea about the aspects of rye based fermentation that makes it so unique and fascinating. We will rerun this later on. So register for the full #aprilflours benefit now to help WCK feed Ukranian refugees, and you will be able to watch it. Or subscribe for an annual membership.

Rye Starter.

A lot of baker’s won’t go near Rye. And very, very few know of the development of different raices of rye and how individual characteristics contribute to how rye performs. Lots of that information shared during this session.

Thanks to a resurgence of grain farming and milling, often in collaboration with the bakers and chefs that are using the end product, rye and whole grains like rye are more under study than ever before. That will actually b e part of the far ranging discussion of Zev Robinson’s film we are showing live this Saturday April 30th. Another reason to register now for the April Flours benefit.

Experiments in Rye Bread Baking

April Flours is our month long benefit for #wckitchen to feed the people of Ukraine. $45 for a year of viewing event related videos and live sessions and edited replays when available. We have been uploading new videos as we go along. These videos are always in the showcase for the event, regardless of when you donate. We have turned the final week into two days with many sessions.

Two of these cookie types taste almost identical, mouth feel and all.

To register just for one of these sessions we are asking for a $15 donation for each one. Some of the sessions each day are pre-recorded, others are live.

No replays are promised unless you donate $45 for the entire month, however.

$75 Annual subscription for all events and videos from the last 6 years. Please use PayPal.me/FermentsandCultures and note what it’s for.


David Asher, Trevor Warmedahl, Amy Halloran, Ellie Markovitch, Dawn Woodward, Naomi Duguid, Alex Gunuey, Laura Valli, William Rubel, Christine Krauss, Ken Fornataro, Daniel Gray, Zuza Zak, John Hutt, Maroua Jellibi, Sean Doherty, Peiman Khosravi, Kinga Vincze, Renu Anshie Dhar, Amy Kalafa, Eiko Takahashi, Heather Willensky, Zev Robinson

Friday, April 29th

  • Time and Nature, Making Vatrushky with different fillings, Piroshky using Multipurpose sourdough Recipe – (Amy Halloran and Ellie Markovitch) Live 12 PM -1:30 PM EST
  • Sechskornbrot (six grains and seeds bread) and Whole Wheat Sourdough Flatbread (Sangak)(Peiman Khosravi)
  • Whole Grain Khamiri (Whole Wheat Sourdough Flatbread), Dosa (Urad Dal and Rice), Bajra Roti (unleavened millet), Amritsari Kulcha (unleavened, laminated, stuffed bread) – Renu Anshie Dhar
  • Whole Grain Fermented Dumplings and Whole Grain Misos (Live ) Eiko Takahashi 4 PM EST
Saturday, April 30th
  • 11 – 12 PM EST Comparing approaches of pastoral/agropastoral cultures to dairying, cheese making, and land use: Mongolia, Sicily and Albania. (Trevor Warmedahl) Live
  • 12- 1 PM EST The Traditions of Ukrainian Dairy Fermentation David Asher (Live)
  • 1:30 to 3 PM EST Real Bread Bakers by Zev Robinson of TheArtandPoliticsofEating.com with panel discussion on how bread, community, nutrition and agriculture are closely intertwined – (Zev Robinson, Naomi Duguid, John Hutt and William Rubel) Live
  • Sourdough Yeast Extract and Applications (Heather Willensky)
  • Kaja’s Sour Milk Lady with Berries, Zurek, Hemp Seed Butter, Kama, Winter Kvass (Zuza Zak)

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