Mimi Ferments and Markus Shimuzu

Markus Shimuzu of Mimi Ferments

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Our recent two part Fermentation Journeys events with Sandor Katz and Mara Jane King were incredible. It’s taken a few weeks to distill out the info for additional videos to match with the large amount of supplemental materials that go with them but the pre-recorded interviews are in the showcases.

Two of recent note amongst lots of really notable ones were with Esteban Yepes Montero who features quite prominently in Sandor’s book Fermentation Journeys – working on lots more background posts for that – and a really riveting exposition of research and retailing using all your favorite microbes such as B.subtilis for natto, Rhizopus oligosporus for tempeh, Aspergillus for koji by Markus Shimuzu of @mimiferments.

Markus presented what people that have fallen down the rabbit hole or under the spell of filamentous fungi know. Substrates matter. Cooking whatever beans you use more that a few minutes versus less than a few minutes matters. If using a spore excipient or an actual addition like cracked wheat or ground legumes, grains, nuts, starchy roots or tuber their degree of gelatinization really matters organoleptically.

These soybeans were made with ground, cooked, then dehydrated yellow split peas and mixed with different length hyphae of Aspergillus. I’m about to make a Cantonese style Chinese wine from them to serve as the base for a mirin type ingredient. Because when making mirin, ingredient variations matter a lot as well. Smells, tastes and even textures are different with each variation. (Ken Fornataro of Cultures.Group)

Most of the topics discussed are in Sandor’s latest book, Fermentation Journeys. These presenters take it further in their own areas of research, discovery, and practice.

Interviews, Live chat, and online Q/A sessions and presentations. Videos from around the world are available for ongoing viewing to subscribers and presenters. You can get tickets anytime, even after a specific live event, although we only promise to have the pre-recorded interviews between authors available, unless live event recordings are of suitable quality. 

November 7, 2021, 1 to 3:00 PM EST The North and Rye

Dr. Darra Goldstein, Gabriella Gershenson, Zuza Zak, Laura Valli, and Katrina Kollegaeva discuss the history and current state of food and drink in Russia, The Balkans and The Caucasus with a special emphasis on the region’s love of all things sour and of course the role of rye and fermentation throughout the region. 

December 19, 2021, 7 to 9 PM EST Fruit From the Sands

(book by Dr. Robert Spengler III): The Silk Road Origins of the Foods. Videos and a live discussion about the most fascinating archeobotanical history of the dissemination of food and culture and civilization from Central Asia to the rest of the world through The Silk Road and it’s predecessor.

The InRetrospect ticket provides access to all events (live or prerecorded, although we don’t make replay event recordings available), 200+ food, fermentation and culture videos. Includes videos from the last 5 years including never before screened archive interviews and full length videos. Until 3/31/2022. Gets rolled out over a four month period. 

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