Koji/Asian/Ferments – India Needs Help!

Covid 19 is devastating India. We have hundreds of friends and family in India. They need help. Immediately. If you can please make a donation to The Hemkunt Foundation or Medicins sans frontiers or Youth Feed India

Because of the number of submissions to the Asian Techniques: Rice, beans, squash, nuts, roots and seeds, and the number of people around the world having transmission difficulties with videos and Covid we added a second part to the event, May 2, 1 to 3 PM EDT for the other side of the world. $15 fee for live event and video watching until June 30th. Pretty sure we will add another segment in a few weeks for all our friends in India that worked so hard to get their stuff in but are dealing with a major catastrophe that will have a devastating impact upon the world is not addressed immediately! $45 for all 5 events and many, many videos. Registration link: https://conta.cc/3bplEtj

You can also make a donation directly to one of the organizations – The Hemkunt Foundation or Medicins sans frontiers or Youth Feed India, and send us a message at kojiandpickles@gmail.com and we’ll set you up as our guest for the above described program. Plus we have a very special event set up at the end of May with an all India focus. Donate to the links above and you’re in to that as well! But donate now!

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