Functional Miso Butter

Getting miso into your daily routine is pretty easy. You should try to do that. It’s really tasty. It actually does help in your overall digestion. Miso can also replace some very high sodium seasoning pastes and cubes, while adding more flavor and no chemicals.

Miso aids in digestion. It may have other beneficial effects on the human body as well. Pre-digesting complex starches into simpler sugars certainly does.

Foods that work like that are called functional foods. If you are going for those benefits, it’s recommended that you never boil anything with miso. If you are adding it to soup, make sure the broth is under 140F when you add it.

Or add it last minute to your favorite mac and cheese when it’s not super hot. If you add it to a salad dressing you get all the taste and health benefits without the worry of destroying any beneficial enzymes and probiotic bacteria and yeasts.

In fact, you can marinate all types of things in it, increasing the flavor and upping the nutritional benefits while reducing any residual toxins. Add it chilled, or at room temperature.

We make miso dressings that are kept in the refrigerator for years while they develop more layers of flavor. We also actually often find them stashed away somewhere years later.

In this case, however, we were going for both flavor and functionality. We used a readily availble sweet white miso. We make ours. We have lots of videos and more to come on bhow you can make misos as well – from almost anything.

It’s easy to buy miso though, although it can be really expensive for the good stuff.

This recipe is so easy and so versatile. The flavor combination with the cultured butter gives it a savory caramel taste.Don’t want to use butter? Use tahini or nut butter.

And get all your five tastes – or more – in what you eat. Balance your food tastes, balance your energy!

  • 1 TB or 1 ounce or 32 grams of miso (Sweet white, sweet red, baked corn miso)
  • 5 TB or 3 ounces or 85 grams unsalted, cultured butter

Toast with miso butter. Compound butter for chicken kiev. See the next post for a really cool way we used our compound miso butter!

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