Ferments and Tonics Part 2

On March 29 the other part of Ferments and Tonics introduces dozens of additional videos on everything from fermenting with tree saps to  collecting yeasts and pollens from flowers to create tasty ferments, to using filamentous based substrates to create new food tastes and comforting familiar ones with super umami. 

Christine Krauss of @chirpfoods demonstrates her Nettle Amasake

Also, a few pretty simple lactofermented dishes that just require salt. 

If you have already registered for the events, created a video for any event, or received a scholarship there is no fee for this new event on March 29. We’ll have some segments from the last live event in addition to the new ones released on March 29. 

There is still time to get something in for the Asian Techniques Event. Deadline is April 4 but we know ours going to ask for another week. If you need help let us know! 

So this March 29 segment is a lagniappe, and a way to still get in on the over 200+ planned videos you’ll be able to watch. While we prepare for our April 25th Asian techniques event and ourJuly 19 we have virtual book fair of writers that have or will publish books this year, along with a review of some recently published scientific papers that have essentially changed everything. 

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Mallory O’Donell demonstrates Maple Leaf Sauerkraut, Pickled Wild Blueberries, Burdock Root fermented in Birch Sap and other tasty foraged foods.

Tonics and Ferments – March 29, 2021

7 to 9 PM ET
Purple Carrot Kanji by Anita Tikoo

Our first 4 events of Ferments and Cultures2021 present techniques – in over 100 videos – such as foraged vegetables ferments, making shio-koji, using koji as an agent to create foods from otherwise wasted food sources, corn fermentations and its use in drinks, baked goods, misos and pickles and tonics. Vegetable ferments. Restorative Tonics. Mead. Dashi. Shoyu. Medicinal brews. Fermented Flowers. Shrubs. Water kefir. Milk Kefir. Sourdough. Nettles, Vinegar. Filamentous Fungus. Amino Pastes. Jiangs. Fermented Teas. Corn Koji. Buckwheat rejuvelac. Tempe, Misos, Amino Pastes, Drinks, Sauces, Sake, Rice wine, Jangs, Bokashi, Seaweed Salads. African spice blends and cultures. Bread History. Corn. Seeds.

$45 for all 4 events including Zoom meeting and associated videos, or see pull down menu. Use this Registration Link You can register for all events up until May 1, then watch until June 30th.

All videos are always at Vimeo.com/culturesgroup Some may be in a specific showcase, either visible or hidden to anyone without the passcode to get in. Our videos are always password protected. You must have both the showcase address, and the passcode for a specific event.

March 29, 7 to 9 PM ET – Tonics and Ferments – Vegetable ferments. Restorative Tonics. Meads. Shio-Koji. Dashi. Medicinal brews. Foraged rescue remedies. Sourdough. Spring Nettles. Miso soups. Mushrooms. Lactofermented brines. Amasake. Shrubs. Seaweed salad. Water kefir. Milk Kefir. Miso. Amino Pastes. Jiangs. Kombucha. Tea Ferments.

April 25, 2021 – Asian Techniques 10 AM to 1 PM ET – Corn, Squash, Rice, Seeds, Nuts and Roots: Shio-koji, Tempe, Misos, Amino Pastes, Drinks, Sauces, Jangs, Bokashi, and sweets

Each event has a live event at the following time and dates, Eastern Standard. The Africa Diaspora event is included and took place February 21 – 12 PM to 1:30 PM Eastern Time, as is the March 21 – 12 to 3 PM Eastern time part 1 of Ferments and Tonics. The recordings are also at the website. They included presentations by:

Previous Events this year with:

Contact us at kojiandpickles@gmail.com to discuss presentations, videos, interviews, talks you would like to create, or to become an intern or volunteer. We are actively soliciting input from people worldwide to share one or more videos for future sessions.

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