Ferments and Cultures

Orange Koji Cake
Whole Orange Cake with 3 koji centric items. Layers of deep umami flavor. And super easy with great hack ideas.

We are now a member of Sake Brewers Association of N. America

The Sake Brewers Association of North America (SBANA) is a 501(c)(6) trade association for the sake industry in North America, headquartered in Washington DC. We are the first and only sake industry trade association outside of Japan.

We have brought together sake breweries across the United States, Canada, Mexico (and beyond), distributors, retailers, rice farmers, governments, enthusiasts, and a wide array of the allied trade to form one of the strongest sake organizations in the world.

Seven Wonders of the B.subtilis var. natto World. Coming up.

Struffoli with sour cherry and clover honey.

Nixtamalized, Sprouted, Popped and Maillarded Sweet Corn Jiang