Ferments and Cultures Videos and Upcoming Events

All videos are always at Vimeo.com/culturesgroup. Some may be in a specific showcase, either visible or hidden to anyone without the passcode to get in.

To access these videos you must be registered with Vimeo. Vimeo does not charge a fee to regsiter, although they really want to get you to subscribe on a monthly basis. Be persistent if you do not want to purchase a monthly Vimeo plan. Look for really small print! The option is there.

We think Vimeo is a great deal that let’s you control your content and avoid advertising. Vimeo does not push content you don’t want to see into your face like Instagram, nor restrict access to things you really want to see by applying algorithms that make you watch their advertising like Instagram does.

We purchased the most expensive Vimeo plan so you don’t need to. But it is one of the reasons we ask for fees for our events and screenings.

For every event there is a registration page. Register for The Silk Road and Halal and Kosher (including Israel and Palestine) events here: September 28, Part 1 https://conta.cc/36721UI and October 4, Part 2 https://conta.cc/3j5HK5Q These videos are password protected. No password, no watching.

We try to have a live chat portion for each event but if enough people do not register for each event we will not have them.

Live Chat Info (Zoom)

The information for the live chat for Part 1 of our September 28th https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81518628478 Meeting ID: 815 1862 8478 Passcode: HALAL , 1PM to 2 PM EST (New York Time) and October 4th, 1 PM to 2 PM (New York Time) The Silk Road, Kosher and Halal including Israel and Palestine event is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81518628478 Meeting ID: 287 521 6492, Passcode GRAB7

Please Register

Over 95% of those that have a Seasons Pass did not purchase it. Very hard working volunteers were given one as a way to thank them for volunteering for this International Fermentation Festival, but mostly to thank them as a way to thank them for creating videos for the events.

If you are only interested in a specific event, just register for that. Again, we need to raise money to cover our expenses. If you can’t afford anything, say that on the registration form.

If you don’t register for either a Seasons Pass or an event you’d like to attend you won’t get updates or announcements or passcodes for that event. Passcodes will be re-instituted in October.

Fermentations and Cultures Event Hosts: Payal Shah, Nickawanna Shaw, Marika Groen, Anton Nicola, Peiman Khosravi, Ebonee McCorvey, Kirsten Shockey, Zoe Mitchell, Connie Chew, Dr. Johnny Drain, Maria Mantilla, Ken Fornataro, Julia Skinner, Robin Sherrill, Alex Gunuey, Zoe Mitchell, Dave Smoke-McCluskey, Amy Kalafa, and Ed Ferrada.

We don’t keep track of what events you attend. If you miss a specific event after the 7 day period you will not have access to the videos for that event.

We will not refund a partial amount of a Season Pass fee for any reason, even if we can’t put on any more parts of this event.

After the entire event is over we hope to create a book and a documentary for sale that will benefit all the presenters and volunteer staff for the entire program.

This program covers fermentation, preservation, increasing food resources, science, traditional and novel applications of microbes, food justice, soil development, farming, fungus and bacteria as environmental tools, waste management, land and water access and the preparation of food and drink through fermentation, preparation and cooking techniques.

Event event has a specific focus on a topic that often is a geographic region that includes the techniques and cultures that make the foods and drinks from France, Japan, Russia, Armenia, Iran, Scotland, Taiwan, China, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, England, The Baltics, Georgia, The Caucuses, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Chile, India, Egypt, Chile, Israel, Finland, Denmark, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Palestine, and other African and South American countries and immigrant diaspora throughout the world. 

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