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There are five remaining events in the #Zymes2020 International Fermentation Festival. To register for all 5 we request $45 dollars. If you are having financial hardships fill in the 5 events for $20 segment. There are also other options. Just go to the registration page and check it out. Or send a note with your full name and email address to kojiandpickles@gmail.com. Here is the link: https://conta.cc/3k5Xp5V

All videos are always at Vimeo.com/culturesgroup. Some may be in a specific showcase, either visible or hidden to anyone without the passcode to get in. You must register on Vimeo and follow us on Vimeo if you want access to streamed videos. They are separate from the Zoom calls.

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Celebrate. This challah bread made from a recipe of a Jewish immigrant that made it to the US in the 70s. At that time she was already old and had no idea where her children were. So I was honored as she showed me how she made such light, fluffy and tasty bread and so many other things. She was grateful for all the ingredients I made sure she had to work her magic. Every day. She came to work every day whether or not she was scheduled. Like so many other immigrants to this country she made the lives of everyone else better. Although I’m overjoyed that we now have a new leadership team I haven’t ever forgotten about the children she left behind. Or the children that were put in cages and concentration camps in the US in the last four years. Back to work on Monday to fight for the people of Georgia, and the people of the entire US. Unfortunately the main thing that united us was our extreme repulsion and dislike of Trump, his family, and his enablers. Today his lying sentinels are still spreading out trying to foment hatred and sow division. They must be countered every day. And they must be held accountable. for everything they have done. For the kids. For the harassment and pain inflicted on people that just wanted to work. That just wanted to breathe. Celebrate but #neverforget. #sourdoughbread. It’s time to share bread and fish with everyone. #bidenharris2020 #ossoffforsenate #warnockforsenate #atlanta #georgia #fermentsandcultures #zymes2020

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Russia, The Caucasus and Balkans with Jelena Belgrave and Chef Ken Fornataro host Dr. Darra Goldstein, Olia Hercules, Cortney Burns, Zuza Zak, Jessica Alonzo, Inês Neto dos Santos, Belgrade Pot Community, Vaida Barzdaite, Chef Sean Doherty, Mallory O’Donnell, and others

This program covers fermentation, preservation, increasing food resources, science, traditional and novel applications of microbes, food justice, soil development, farming, fungus and bacteria as environmental tools, waste management, land and water access and the preparation of food and drink through fermentation, preparation and cooking techniques.

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