Ferments and Cultures

We recorded the live event and are editing the Tips for Filming your Ferments and Cultures video for distribution to all our program and event hosts working with confirmed and potential presenters. We also hope to create a guide that we intend to distribute to all program participants as well.

Our objective, described at length during the live event, is to get as many people as possible to view this really inspiring work. Hopefully you will enjoin what we call, as you will hear, a movement for food, land, and water equality and respect for the Earth as demonstrated through different cultures and areas around the world.

This program covers fermentation, preservation, increasing food resources, science, traditional and novel applications of microbes, food justice, soil development, farming, fungus and bacteria as environmental tools, waste management, land and water access and the preparation of food and drink through fermentation, preparation and cooking techniques. We recognize that some people are not actually interested in some of these topics, so we clearly make which videos are about fermentation, preparation and cooking techniques.

Event event has a specific focus often a geographic region that includes cultures, foods, drinks and techniques from Armenia, Georgia, Iran, China, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Chile, Israel, Finland, Denmark, China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, France, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Palestine, and other African and South American countries countries and immigrant diaspora throughout the world including in the USA. 

Fermentations and Cultures Event Hosts: Payal Shah, Nickawanna Shaw, Marika Groen, Anton Nicola, Permian Khosravi, Ebonee McClurvey, Kirsten Shockey, Connie Chew, Dr. Johnny Drain, Maria Mantilla, Ken Fornataro, Alex Gunuey, Zoe Mitchell, Dave Smoke-McCluskey, Amy Kalafa, and Ed Ferrada.

All the Events

The events of this program serve as an education resource, and a guide to like minded individuals throughout the world. So if you have not requested an invitation to present at one of our events, or answered an invitation, would you please? To get a highly discounted Season Pass please go here.

Mara Jane King will not appear until our final event of the program, but you can still join her and Christine Ruch for a really super fundraising event! “In this time of reduced social interaction, the Festival brings people together over a topic that has everything to do with connection and community: food. Just as the food industry is reeling, the 501c3 nonprofit Flatirons Food Film Festival could also use your help. To enable the 2020 Flatirons Food Film Festival (Oct. 8-11) to contribute again to our country’s ongoing dialog about food, your support for fundraisers like this one is more important than ever. And what’s better than having fun while donating.”

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