Ferments and Cultures – Back to School – No Tuition Required

Some people are undergoing some very serious issues with fires, sickness, and work. They are doing what they can to get more videos. We’ll wait as long as they need.

You can no longer register for the September 13th Event. Purchase a Season Pass apply for a scholarship, or register for an upcoming event. The info on the Zoom call is below.

There are more videos up for our Fruits, Ferments and Probiotics already than anyone could watch and make nice supportive comments at Vimeo.com/culturesgroup anyway.

All three of Dr. Esther Miller’s recordings are up. They are a master class in fermentation. Cabbage microbiome wars!

With Viola Sampson’s two videos – fermented tomato ketchup and fermentation basics – and Greg Martinez’s basic review of Enzymes, it’s really a back to school extravaganza.

For your pets as well! Both of Dr. Tejas Sameer’s recordings on making healthy microbiome food for your animals are also posted.

Lots of videos to watch.

That’s just to start though.  Connie Chew’s Kangen Water is up. Savage Craic’s vegan fruit kimchi is up. Jennifer Solow’s two recordings, one on champagne tomatoes the other on herbs are up. 

Christine Krauss’ farinata, and her idli presentation have also been posted. and two new videos from Marika Groen of Malika Ferments have also been posted.

Actually we posted 70 videos for this event. Everyone said they missed all of KIrsten Shockey’s videos, and were desperate to re-watch all of Meredith Leigh, Jessica Alonzo and Misti Norris’ stuff so we reposted them as well. Aso please go watch them and please comment on them.

Yes, you do have to be registered with Vimeo. That’s where all these are housed. And for the next two weeks there is no registration fee required to watch although please go to our website and sign up for email to receive notice of some special upcoming events that you won’t find out about in other ways.

Yes, we’ll still take donations but you are like most people in the industry you’re hurting for money. So please don’t think twice about it.

I’ll be posting more videos over the next two weeks as they come in or are edited. We’ve extended the viewing period to September 28.

The French Ferments and Cultures will still take place on September 22 as planned, as will the September 28 event on The Silk Road (Halal/Kosher) – including India, Georgia, Israel, Palestine, etc.

Zoom Call

Sep 13, 2020 02:00 to 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81761944740

Meeting ID: 817 6194 4740

Passcode: friend

Lots of doctors in the house for this one! A few scientists and lots of eager fermenters and culturists! To purchase a highly discounted $137 (was $247) Season Pass that will get you into all scheduled and pop-up online events. September 13 – conta.cc/34JKBwK

Fermentations and Cultures Event Hosts: Payal Shah, Nickawanna Shaw, Marika Groen, Anton Nicola, Peiman Khosravi, Ebonee McCorvey, Kirsten Shockey, Zoe Mitchell, Connie Chew, Dr. Johnny Drain, Maria Mantilla, Ken Fornataro, Julia Skinner, Robin Sherrill, Alex Gunuey, Zoe Mitchell, Dave Smoke-McCluskey, Amy Kalafa, and Ed Ferrada.

We don’t keep track of what events you attend. If you miss a specific event after the 7 day period you will not have access to the videos for that event.

We will not refund a partial amount of a Season Pass fee for any reason. After the entire events are over we hope to create a book and a documentary for sale that will benefit all the presenters and volunteer staff for the entire program.

This program covers fermentation, preservation, increasing food resources, science, traditional and novel applications of microbes, food justice, soil development, farming, fungus and bacteria as environmental tools, waste management, land and water access and the preparation of food and drink through fermentation, preparation and cooking techniques.

Event event has a specific focus on a topic that often is a geographic region that includes the techniques and cultures that make the foods and drinks from France, Japan, Russia, Armenia, Iran, Scotland, Taiwan, China, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, England, The Baltics, Georgia, The Caucuses, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Chile, India, Egypt, Chile, Israel, Finland, Denmark, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Palestine, and other African and South American countries and immigrant diaspora throughout the world. 

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