Fermentation Saves Cultures

One of our signature misos we developed for home cooks that want great flavors and the benefits of miso. Add to anything hot when below 140F, or whip up with avocado, coconut oil, cashew cheese or butter!

One of the things bwe will stress mosy heavily in all four forums we are having this upcoming Sunday may 3 into Monday May 4 – hey tnhe West Coast people and people in Europe want in – is the knowledge gained and shared by native Americans and other indigenous peopls around the world about how to survive during a food shortage or access crisis.

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A tablespoon a day should do the trick. Make as many variations as you like.

This could be made with sourdough bread koji, but you could use whatever type of koji you wanted to. Brown rice koji or barley koji are great in this. You could also buy some miso thatwe discuss in the next post. Or make your own.

We will be posting lots more miso making, fermentation and cooking videos as well. We are grateful for the opportunity to help people to survive, and cultures to carry on!

Miso selections
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