Fermentation and Cultures – October

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International Fermentation Festival, October 10th 

October 10, 11 AM to 2 PM Nancy Matsumoto, Mallory O’Donnell, Nick Repenning, Markus Shimuzu, Will Moffat, Maya Hey, Estéban Yepes Montoya, Eiko Takahashi, William Rubel and others with videos from around the world and discussion of cultures.

An around the world celebration of Sandor Katz’s Fermentation Journeys with makers and writers of fermentation, Culture and Cultures. Interviews, Live chat, and online Q/A sessions and presentations. Videos from around the world are available for ongoing viewing to subscribers and presenters.

Register for events and video viewings as an InRetrospect subscriber or as a Reserved Seat holder to view hundreds of videos as well as to get into a live event. Video makers (for any of the WritersCultures2021 events or InRetrospect), and reserved holders get in first. You can purchase these types of tickets anytime, even after a specific live event, although we only promise to have the pre-recorded interviews between authors available, not live event recordings unless they are of suitable quality. 

With Sandor Katz, Mara Jane King, Naomi Duguid, Misti Norris, Holly Davis, Sean Doherty, Marcus Shimuzu, William Rubel, Umair Khakoo, Anna Drozdova, Sònia Dguez, Maya Seetharaman, Margaret Sevenjhazi, Eve Jazmati, Jennifer Solow, Danny Berke, Anita Tikoo, Edgar Deteil, Haruko Uchishiba, Connie Chew, Yoko Lamn, Taylor Westbrook, Mirna Bamieh, Andrea Billar, Kimiko Ito, Ellie Markovitch, Estéban Yepes, Pratap Chahal, Harry Rosenblum, Priya Mani, Melanie McIntosh, Laurent Serin and Javier Gutiérrez Carcache, Kartik Sinha, Zizinia de les Flors, Alex Hozven and Kevin Farley of The Cultured Pickle Shop, Sharon Flynn, Riley Henderson, Tejas Sameer, Nancy Matsumoto, Mallory O’Donnell, Nick Repenning, Will Moffat, Maya Hey, Eiko Takahashi, Jeremy Umansky, Nina Mong, Anton Nicola, Eleana Hsu and Kevin Gondo, Nickawanna Shaw, Taylor Erkkinen, Jenny Bardwell, Tejas Sameer, Joel Orsini, Jessica Alonzo, Julia Skinner, Honey Islam, and Mark Tan.

November 7, 2021, 1 to 3:00 PM EST The North and Rye

Dr. Darra Goldstein, Gabriella Gershenson, Zuza Zak, Laura Valli, and Katrina Kollegaeva discuss the history and current state of food and drink in Russia, The Balkans and The Caucasus with a special emphasis on the region’s love of all things sour and of course the role of rye and fermentation throughout the region. 

December 19, 2021, 7 to 9 PM EST Fruit From the Sands

(book by Dr. Robert Spengler III): The Silk Road Origins of the Foods. Videos and a live discussion about the most fascinating archeobotanical history of the dissemination of food and culture and civilization from Central Asia to the rest of the world through The Silk Road and it’s predecessor. With recipe videos. (looking for additional video makers)

The InRetrospect ticket provides access to all events (live or prerecorded, although we don’t make replay event recordings available), 200+ food, fermentation and culture videos. Includes videos from the last 5 years including never before screened archive interviews and full length videos. Until 3/31/2022. Gets rolled out over a four month period. 

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