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Ferments and Cultures 2021
African Beri Beri Shio Koji and Mursik Roasted Millet and Cassava Batter Fried Chicken.

February 21, 2021- 12 PM to 2:00 PM ET  Diaspora of Africa


Diaspora of Africa includes a review of the many tasty and unique ferments of Kenya by Nancy Kinyanjui, presentations by Sandor Katz on alkaline ferments created by using B.subtilis (dawadawa, natto, etc.), a description of The Natto Silk Road by Takashi Hirasawa, discussion on everything from culture to cultural appropriation to gender restrictive roles in traditional community settings to the semiotics of revolutionary fermentations.

Making Mopane Garum and a discussion of the context in which it is made including a history of family hunger during which termites and other insects – actually, a delicacy – were eaten during hungry times by Anja de Klerk.

A simply amazing array of applications of koji to regional African resources including Eland and Wildebeest, interpretations of standards like koji-cured bacon and koji cured bresaola, along with some unique experiments using koji to create new flavors and textures in meats and drinks by Sacha Wilson, some unique recipe demonstrations, and a Gullah-Geechee story and a Hoppin’ John recipe from Ebonee-McCorvey.

A discussion of African spice blends and cultures as interpreted by the diaspora of Africans throughout the world, the creation of Caribbean and Creole food and basically all Southern Cooking, and more. Hearth baked and prison and slave bread and Western kenyan fermented milk and ash.

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February 21, 2021– 12 PM to 2:00 PM ET  Diaspora of Africa

March 21 Registration – 10 AM to 12 PM ET Tonics and Ferments

April 11, 2021 – 10 AM to 12 PM ET Asian TechniquesCorn, Squash, Rice, Tubers, Nuts and Root Vegetables

Corn Grits Nixtamal Koji
Koji Cured Bacon

These first 3 events offer presentations on making shio-koji, using koji as an agent to create foods from otherwise wasted food sources, African spice blends and cultures of the diaspora of Africans throughout the world, the creation of Caribbean and Creole food, Asian fermentation techniques using Corn, Squash, Rice, Nuts or Roots for vegetable fermentation, drinks, baked goods, misos and pickles.

Ferments and Cultures is a program of many events that focus on the cultures and ferments of different parts of the world, as well as interpretations and innovations using microbes to create new flavors and foods and drinks. Cultures means history or traditional ways or the cultures that you apply to something to transform it, like making tempe or koji or pickled things.

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