Pierogi: Over 50 Recipes to Create Perfect Polish Dumpling by Zuza Zak. The essential cookbook for preparing perfect Polish dumplings at home.

Released today in the UK, but also available online now in digital format in the US on Amazon. Photos in the book are by the amazing @olasmit.

Photo by Ola O. Smit (@olasmit)

Delve deep into regional recipes from all over Poland with the traditional ingredients and stories that define these delicious dumplings. From the Baltic Sea with its abundance of fish, to the unique smoky and sour flavours of the mountainous south and beyond, discover endless options to satisfy every craving. As well as regional classics, Zuza Zak offers sweet and savoury dumplings for every occasion. With new and original creations, plus crowd-pleasing vegan and gluten-free options, Pierogi is a fascinating celebration of this beloved Polish speciality.

Photo by Ola O. Smit (@olasmit)

Sweet curd cheese manty with raspberry sauce 
“Another speciality of the Podlasie area, this recipe is where Tatar manty meet sweet, Polish pierogi. Poland specializes in sweet dumplings, but in many other countries people don’t quite know what to do with them – a sweet lunch? Whoever heard of such a thing? We are certainly not averse to eating a sweet lunch in Poland, and I would like to gently suggest that you try it too one day – or you can add them to your brunch repertoire. “

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