Cookies and Fennel Pollen

Ellie Markovitch’s Sourdough Starter Cookies with Fennel Pollen

Ground dried sourdough starter cookie with fennel pollen.

This is how it starts.

Those that have registered for our month long event April Flours will be officially convened by two of our favorite activists – and bakers – who will outline what this event is about, Amy Halloran and Ellie Markovitch.

Love. Koji. Whole grains. Farmers. Fermenters. Bakers. Community.

We don’t kid ourselves that we will be able to make an immediate impact on anything, but we realize that the effort is part of the journey.

We refuse to be silent. We refuse to not say something,now, while we are under attack.

While the entire world yearns to get back to normal, to grow, to heal, to re-emerge so does evil and the audacity of other human beings to destroy others hopes and dreams and right to survive.

This is not just about Ukraine. It’s about all of us. We are all seeds at some point in our lives, some of us create new seeds, others help them to grow.

We integrate the seeds of microbes, especially of fungus into the program with the hopes that the reverence that some show for the beauty and mystery of how they network and grow as a collective to help plants to grow – without fungus, there is no soil nor plants – and offer themselves up to be shepherded in exchange for care and consideration.

Hopefully, humanity will some day realize that we are part of the collective, and that sometimes we have to cut off the growth of things that threaten us all. Every day is a struggle for life,every day should be a struggle for freedom. It’s not a special event or a hobby. It’s the price of survival in a world we all want to live in.

Wild Rice and Oat Koji

For those that do not yet know of the world of fungi, we are putting several dozen videos into the showcase for April Flours to help you learn. And you will learn what #kojibaking means, and the over 9,000 year old history of how whole grains have been facilitated by microbes to become sourdough bread, dumplings, soy sauce, porridges, pickles, candy, alcohol, and the way human beings have been able to survive.

April Flours Benefit: $45 for the entire month of events, at least 16, probably more. These events are recorded, and subscribers to the entire series can watch them until the end of the year.

Otherwise, it’s $15 per event – only watchable until the end of the month of May.

An annual subscription of $75 to Ferments and Cultures – or creating a video for any event during 2022 – also gets you in. Full subscribers to Ferments and Cultures have access to hundreds of videos in our library as well. Please use and note what it’s for.

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