Maple Syrup and Smoked Pomegranate Kvass

Come and ask questions of two extremely skilled fermenters and cutting edge brewers, Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett. They create their brews at Fifth Hammer Brewing Company in Long Island City, where the event is taking place. Take a look at the menu! The Event is January 27th, 7 to …

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It occurred to us that we had not included kombucha in any of our descriptions for our upcoming event. See below for info about kombucha. We won’t have time to cover it, but kombucha is a tea fungus (yeast) starter. Eventbrite (Register at this link, or at the MeetUp link …

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Chocolate Koji Kvass (濁酒)

Recipe 150 grams rice koji 200 grams wheat berry or brown rice koji (or more rice koji) 300 grams heavily toasted cubed or ripped apart sourdough bread. Mix above ingredients and toast slowly in oven for two hours at 200F. Stir occasionally. Not burnt, but really brown for the bread. …

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Let’s Get Startered

Yeast starters and starter cultures that contain yeast – like the original koji for which the Chinese Kanji (麹) was created – sometimes also contain other types of bacteria, fungus and even other yeasts. Take, for example, sourdough starter. It’s easy to turn that into vinegar because there are already …

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Death by Sourdough Starter

Well. Register for the January 27th event!

Malted Grains, Koji and Rhizopus. Amazing tasty foods and brews. #Zymes2020:

Monday, Jan 27, 2020, 7:00 PM

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company
10-28 46th Ave Long Island City, NY

8 Members Attending

Alkaline and acidic ferments from vinegar to beer to miso to natto to sake to amino sauces that are easy to make and healthy for you. About this Event Most people know about the acidic ferments and foods like vinegar, sake, miso, soy sauce, miso, beer, yogurt, kefir and an amazing variety of pickles. We’ve almost finished a two year research projec…

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Chili with Koji and Beans

At tonight’s first #Zymes2020 event at Fifth Hammer Brewing we presented a chili made the typical way. A very small amount of ground beef was browned with onions, garlic, peppers, oregano, lime and other seasonings. It doesn’t matter what your actual chili base is for this if you decide to …

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Making Koji, Malting

A fermentable sugar is something that a yeast or bacteria uses as an energy source. Grains (cereals) such as barley or millet or rice have a lot of starch. To be useful they have to be broken down into smaller pieces called simple sugars. Filamentous fungus are a specific type …

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The Name of the Rose

Today is my birthday and I have a few things to say. Mostly everything I want to convey on this year’s birthday – September 15th – has all been said before in Nina Simone’s song “Feelin Good” At least the attitude part. The semiotics or foodways start of a new …

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Microbes Eat Corn

Corn Shoyu – Recipe 10 cups/2200 grams steamed yellow grits corn koji (A. sojae) 2 cups/300 grams kosher salt 2 1/2 cups/425 grams ground corn masa koji 2 cups /500 grams water 3 cups/550 grams corn masa, toasted 2 cups/275 grams dark brown roasted corn 1 cup 120F water Keep …

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 25, 2019– Release of Ferment.Works new book. culturesgroup’s Ken Fornataro discusses and gives recipes for a country style sake called doboroku, vinegar, and a quick amasake. He also discusses the sake industry in the US. Best-selling fermentation authors Kirsten and Christopher Shockey explore a whole new realm of …

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