Baking and Milling and the Significance of Sourdough

April Flours: History of Baking and Milling and the Significance of Sourdough in America – (Amy Halloran and Ellie Markovitz)
Apr 4, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Passcode: AEFlours

Spring tempts us to leap ahead, but let’s try to skip the leaping, and carry forward all the stillness of winter. Let’s explore what happens when we feel the rhythm of fermentation. We invite you to be with bread, and figure out your connections to baking in a loosely held community. We will meet at the beginning of the month and map a way to extract all the fuel we can from our stores; we’ll meet again at the end of the month and discuss our journeys.

You can join now and start by following Ellie’s 1/2 Cup of Sourdough Series , and by subscribing to Amy’s  Dear Bread newsletter.

This is part of our monthlong fundraiser for WCK and Ukraine. Please register and donate at to get replay access, register for the entire month, or the entire year of events and videos. 

Amy Halloran is a writer and change agent, working to add social values and economic viability to farms and communities. The author of THE NEW BREAD BASKET, her activism for specialty grains and changing emergency feeding programs share a common thread of restoring human values to the work of farming and the act of feeding each other. 
Stories & recipes Civil Eats,  The Counter & The KitchnInstagram @flourambassador Website AmyHalloran.netNewsletter, Dear Bread

Ellie Markovitch is a multimedia artist, educator, and self-taught cook who uses food as a starting point for conversations and community building. She worked in France and America as a photojournalist for a decade, and shifted her gaze to include food as she pursued an MFA in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Story Cooking is an online record of improvising with food, people and place. Follow her at and @elliemarkovitch

With Amy Halloran, Ellie Markovitch, Dawn Woodward, Naomi Duguid, Alex Gunuey, Laura Valli, William Rubel, Christine Krauss, Ken Fornataro, Daniel Gray, Zuza Zak, John Hutt, Maroua Jellibi, Sean Doherty, Peiman Khosravi, Kinga Vincze, Renu Anshie Dhar, Amy Kalafa, Eiko Takahashi, Heather Willensky, Zev Robinson

Bakers and Chefs and Fermenters and Friends from around the world demonstrate how they ferment whole grains and flours of all kinds into traditional and new forms. Some will demonstrate how to use combinations of yeasts, bacteria and/or fungus in vegan and gluten free foods as well, others with whole grains like wheat, corn, oats rice or rye in breads, fermented pastas, dumplings, cookies, pancakes, muffins, buns and even drinks. Some will discuss whole grains and community and agriculture and freedom.

April Flours Benefit: $45 for the entire month of sessions and live events, at least 16, probably more. This is a month long benefit for WCK that is feeding many Ukrainians displaced by the war.

These events are recorded, and subscribers to the entire series can watch them until the end of the year. Otherwise, it’s $15 per event – only watchable until the end of the month of May. Some sessions are live, others are recorded. The recorded sessions schedule is likely to change.

An annual subscription of $75 to Ferments and Cultures – or creating a video for any event during 2022 also gets you in. Full subscribers to Ferments and Cultures have access to hundreds of videos in our library as well as past, present and future events of 2022. Please use and note what it’s for.

Sourdough Recipe from:

  • Mon. April 4 – 11AM Mon. April 4 – 11AM Milling, Bread History, significance of the harvest, Whole Grains, and why sourdough? We will meet at the beginning of the month and map a way to extract all the fuel we can from our stores; we’ll meet again at the end of the month and discuss our journeys.You can start by following Ellie’s 1/2 Cup of Sourdough Series , and by subscribing to Amy’s Dear Bread newsletter. (Amy Halloran and Ellie Markovitch)- Live
  • Tuesday April 5 – 2 PM Basic Sourdough Techniques with Elie – Feeding your mother and maintaining your relationship (Ellie Markovitz)
  • Tuesday April 5 – 3 PM A Beginner’s Guide to Making Sweet White Miso for Baking and Bread Making (Maroua Jellibi)
  • Wednesday April 6 – 12PM to 1:30 Whole Grains and sourdough rye ring (Dawn Woodward, Amy Halloran and Ellie Markovitch) – Live
  • Wednesday April 6 – 3PM to 5 PM Buckwheat Idli with Koji Starter, Sagohachizuke with Foraged Greens, Edible Wild Plants and Mushrooms in Koji Applications (Christine Krauss)
  • Thurs. April 7 – 3 PM Making Koji, Quick Koji Pickles, Tasting Misos, Curing and Caring for Cast Iron Pans – (Amy Kalafa and Alex Gunuey)
  • Tues. April 7 – 4 PM Kasha Varnishkes, Koji Cured Lamb, Golden koji beets, Sourdough Flatbreads- (Amy Kalafa and Alex Gunuey)
  • Thursday April 7 – 7 PM Noodles and Ramen from seed to flour to preparation (Daniel Gray) – Live
  • Friday April 8 – 12 EST- Laura Valli/WSU Bread Lab and Dawn Woodward – Rye Baking Forum (Laura Valli/WSU Bread Lab, Dawn Woodward) Live
  • Monday April 11 – 10 AM – Finnish Malt Loaf (Saaristolaisleipä) using toasted rye koji and sweet magnolia tea (Sean Doherty)
  • Wednesday 13 – 5 PM Sake Kasu Starter, Sake Kasu Cheesecake, Sake Kasu buns, Making Sake Kasu (Kinga Vincze)
  • Thursday April 14 – 7 AM Whole Grain Sourdough Bread Soy Sauce (Ken Fornataro)
  • Tuesday 26 – 12:30 PM Whole Grain Khamiri, Dosa, Dhokla, and Bajra roti (Renu Dhar aka Anshie)
  • Tuesday 26 – 2 PM Zurek/Hemp Seed Butter /Kama/Winter Kvass (Zuza Zak)
  • Wednesday 27 – 3 PM Sechskornbrot (Peiman Khoshravi)
  • Wednesday 27 – 4 PM Whole Grain Fermented Asian Breads, Dumplings and Fermented Pastas (Ken Fornataro and Eiko Takashi) Live
  • Thursday April 28 – 11AM -1 PM Review of practices, future goals – (Amy Halloran and Ellie Markovitch) Live
  • Sat. April 30 – 12 PM EST Sourdough Yeast Extract and Applications to use it on (Cream cheese, popcorn, etc.) with (Heather Willensky)
  • Sat. April 30 – 1:30 to 3 PM EST Real Bread Bakers by Zev Robinson of with panel discussion on how bread, community, nutrition and agriculture are closely intertwined – (Zev Robinson, Naomi Duguid, John Hutt and William Rubel) Live

Love. Koji. Whole grains. Farmers. Fermenters. Bakers. Community.

We added lots of basic and advanced level koji making videos for our Bakers and Chefs and colleagues that don’t know koji as well as they know baking or milling or farming or grains. We’ve added some really basic first step videos for those that have never even consider how it can be used in anything that contains starch.

An annual subscription of $75 to Ferments and Cultures – or creating a video for any event during 2022 – also gets you in. Full subscribers to Ferments and Cultures have access to hundreds of videos in our library as well. Please use and note what it’s for.

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