Amasake Sourdough Bread

Terri Ann Fox describes how to make koji, how to make amasake from whatever koji you like, and how to make sourdough bread. She brilliantly describes bakers percentages and the special requirements to make a stunning loaf –  although even if you overproof it will still taste great! Contact: or at 083.040.8057

River Run is a fermentary and wood fired micro Bakehouse located on our family homestead in Glencree Co. Wicklow. Led by Terri Ann Fox, we specialize in sourdough breads, koji based ferments, seasonal vegetable ferments of all kinds, and plant based cheeses. We host regular fermentation and sourdough workshops at River Run and around Ireland.  

Skill Share: Education is the heart of River Run. We believe that relearning and practicing these ancient methods of fermentation can have a profound effect on our health, environment, communities and over all human experience.  The power of fermentation can change the world!


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December 19 - Fruit From the Sands 11AM to 1 PM EDT 

“The foods we eat have a deep and often surprising past. From almonds and apples to tea and rice, many foods that we consume today have histories that can be traced out of prehistoric Central Asia along the tracks of the Silk Road to kitchens in Europe, America, China, and elsewhere in East Asia. The exchange of goods, ideas, cultural practices, and genes along these ancient routes extends back five thousand years, and organized trade along the Silk Road dates to at least Han Dynasty China in the second century BC. 

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